Sunday, 8 May 2016

Linzé's Mischief: 8 May 2016

One book read and review done, and three more to go.
With our holiday to Botswana coming this week, I started packing today. Clothes sorted, so it is only the gear left. Gear in my definition includes my Kindle, my journal, a few sketching pencils, camera and of course, my computer.
I will probably spend most of my free time either writing or reading, but if the opportunity arises to make a sketch or two, I will be prepared.
Since it is a photographic safari, I will also be taking photographs with my husband. I asked if I could go as a 'plus 1' since these things are a bit pricey. The answer: nope, no plus 1 prices. So I am going as a photographer. Not that it will be torture to do so, I assure you.
And to make it even more fun, I will also be doing my usual Follow Me Tour on my blog, so keep an eye out during the week for those posts - internet access permitting, of course.
I did the 23rd of the 24 forms in my Tai Chi course this past week. With one more form to learn, I am very happy that I started this martial art. While I had been practicing the last few weeks, I had an idea for a new series of books. I made notes of my idea, but I will not be writing them until the stories already on my todo list are published. It is exciting though to look forward to a new series, with one series coming to an end.
Project JOURNEY is also in the final month for the authors to complete their stories before the formal editing starts. Three of the authors have already completed their stories, with the remaining five busy with their final touches.
I will be interviewing the authors taking part in the project with me, so keep an eye out for those posts coming in June and July. I asked each author to tell us a bit about their story, just to whet your appetite for what is to come.
Also part of the interview, you will get a peek at the cover of the book as I will be using it as the banner graphic for each interview post. To see the whole cover, you will have to wait until the ebook is ready to be revealed to the world - planned for October 2016.
On that note, I have more editing to do.
Until next week!