Sunday, 10 July 2016

Linzé's Mischief: 10 July 2016

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This week my journal is taking on a slightly different flavour. Instead of posting only what I remember of the week, I think to add a 'per day' entry for the week. Since I got the idea on Friday, the entries will start then for this week's post.

Friday, 8 July - I took a day's leave to do some stuff, writing included. It is almost midday, and while the stuff (buying dog food, refuelling my car, etc.) has been ticked off my to do list, I have not yet written a word. Then again with those things taken care of, there is now time to do some writing the rest of the day.
Fridays are our time to shop for groceries; I didn't do any of that this morning, aside from buying myself a veggie lunch for today. So I can focus on the writing I still have to do - yeah, the excuses I do come up with!
While having breakfast (more like brunch actually) this morning, I had a thought about the restaurant reviews that I sometimes write (for another website). From now on I will limit my reviews to coffee shops (being places writers are more likely to frequent) and post these reviews on my blog instead. I won't get paid for it, but I do like to support good businesses in my area. And coffee shops are often small businesses too, that could always do with some support.
I signed up to do a promo post for a group of bestselling romance authors on Wednesday, 13 July, so keep an eye out for that if you are a romance lover, like me.
And now I am really going to go and work on my latest manuscript, Open the Door to Murder.

Saturday, 9 July - You would think that we would sleep in over the weekend since it's winter and we get up at 5am during the week. Nope, being married to a photographer who takes his hobby very seriously, leaves no time for sleeping.
Francois left home before sunrise to go take photographs of a tiny bird in Hartbeespoort, about 40 minutes drive to the north of where we live. He returned home, without pictures of this bird, but with three aloe plants. Make no mistake, I love aloes, their medicinal properties are well-known (I use several aloe products) but where am I going to plant those things? They require sunlight all day, no an easy feat in a garden filled with trees. I think I found a spot, but it will require some construction work to accommodate the plants.
Gardening is not my strongest point, although I am thinking of restarting my vegetable garden using aquaponics. Will post a picture of the aloes once I got them settled.

Sunday, 10 July - I spent most of the morning contemplating how I was going to finish my editing of Waiting for Adrian (I have barely started), launch Negotiating the Maze (presently being proofread for printing and publication by a professional team of people), format and publish the Journey anthology, launch Journey, finish The Last Gryphon trilogy and write a story for a sweet romance anthology with another group of authors.
Oh, did I mention that Waiting for Adrian has to be published before Journey? Yeah, Galen's Hope (part of Journey) partially overlaps Waiting for Adrian in terms of the timeline. I sure do like to make things complicated for myself.
I came to the conclusion that I couldn't. The first story of the Gryphon trilogy will be published in Journey - so that one is sorted. The second story needs editing, and the third is 90% done on the first draft. The only way I could potentially manage all these projects would be to rewrite the second story in the trilogy for the sweet romance anthology - that way I do two projects at the same time. Publication of The Last Gryphon trilogy in one volume can then wait until after the sweet romance anthology.
I keep thinking I need a project plan to manage all these things.
And then there is Camp NaNoWriMo and my first murder mystery novel. Good thing I am a few thousand words ahead of schedule, although I am sure that advantage is not going last very long.
Project planning time coming right up!

In the words of Li-Ana Baker (from Open the Door to Murder): may you have a healthy and harmonious life this coming week.
Until next time!