Monday, 23 January 2017

Live in Balance: The failure of week 3

While eating my breakfast of soy yogurt and a white peach on Friday morning, I realised that this week was fast becoming a miserable failure. Even this post is a result of the week of frustration and misery. My head is usually spinning with ideas to write about - writing about art, and Tai Chi, and even my weight-loss struggles - but not this week. In a 'down' week I tended to read more too. Devouring two to three novels in one week would not be an unusual occurrence. But not this week.

Week 3 of my year to Live in Balance, has just been seven days of failures. Let me list them for you, just in case you are thinking that I might be exaggerating:
1.   I did not write a single word - aside from this post, and about 800 words (for the whole week!) in my journal. Journal writing is something I love, but even this week that didn't happen so much.
Sunday update: Our writers' group has a word count challenge this evening. I plan to start week 4 with at least 1000 words on a new story.
Linzé Brandon, Live in Balance, Goals 2017
2.   While excited about the delivery of the white gel pens, drawing pens and special paper for charcoal drawing that I ordered online, I have yet to open the packaging of the paper. I did write a few words with a drawing pen to get a feel for it, but that does not constitute art even in its simplest form - not even a stick figure was drawn!
3.   The bane of my existence - trying to lose weight - was an equal frustrating battle between the calories and my willpower. No prizes on who won that battle. Since it is Friday now, and I will only weigh myself again on Sunday, the news cannot be good given what I have done. The best I could hope for at this point is a zero loss, zero gain outcome.
Sunday update after the weigh-in: the news is not good. All the hard work of week 1 and 2 has been undone. Something to be grateful for: that I didn't gain more kilos than where I started from. But yeah, it is back to square one.

Linzé Brandon, Live in Balance, Goals 20174.   As with doing more T'ai Chi? Well, I was a bad, bad girl. Nary a form did my body practice this week. Good thing I decided to have a T'ai Chi weekend, like I do art weekends, huh? Maybe by the time this post is ready to be posted to my blog on Sunday evening, I can report a more positive outcome. *holding thumbs*
Sunday morning update on my plan: no T'ai Chi. Although after my battle on Saturday with two desks, I think a good hour or so of practice might be the answer to the aching muscles in my back.

While I didn't expect smooth sailing on my Live in Balance goals, I really hoped it wouldn't have happened so soon, and be such an epic occurrence. On the other hand, now that it did happen, I came to the decision that should it happen again (and it will) I need to focus on one goal for the week. Only one. While the end-result might still be an overall sense of failure, there will also be a sense of achievement to help keep me motivated.

"2017 New Year’s Resolutions: The Most Popular and How to Stick to Them,” by Nicole Spector. 

Do you have weeks like this? Please tell me in the comments what you do to get your game back on.

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