About Linzé

picture of Linzé Brandon with a Hogwarts ID
After many years, Linzé left her full-time job to enjoy the challenges of self-employment once more. Now she spends her days working as a consulting engineer and competence trainer.
She is a practicing Stoic, and bases her life's philosophy on the words of Epictetus: First say to yourself what you would be, then do what you have to do.
She founded and leads the Pretoria Writers' Group, who has recently subdivided into an artists support for some of her fellow writers. As an artist, Linzé prefers ink and wash, but is often found experimenting with various techniques and mediums in her art journal.
Linzé is the author of non-fiction books, novels and short stories.

News for 2023:
  • I take part in the year long #inktober52 ink drawing challenge. You will find my weekly contribution on Instagram

Other news:
I also occasionally post on Medium (https://medium.com/@LinzeBrandon).
Muses and Broomsticks is my business blog, in case you live in South Africa.

And as always we can also connect online:

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