Sunday, 15 January 2012

Acrylics and Mosaics

Finally, I managed to finish this painting. It went well until I made a mess of the last two blocks that had to be painted. It took some fiddling to remove the splotches that I caused, but then how to finish it?

It took some hard thinking, until inspiration struck about two weeks ago - why not use tiny gold metallic mosaic tiles to finish what I couldn't seem to get right with paint?

I wasn't sure it would work, but the guy at the craft shop assured me that the tiles could be glued on over the acrylic paint, and he was right. Some hours, and lots of patient tiling later, the result was better than I had originally imagined.

Now it needs the final layer of preserving varnish, and off to the framers we go.

And to think the design was inspired by a piece of discarded packaging material that I saw lying next to the road.