Sunday, 3 March 2013

Featuring Chess in my Books

With Keeper of the Dragon Sword approaching its date of publication (and I am very excited about that!) I have been making preparations for the launch both in my home town (if you can call Pretoria a town) and online.

Part of the visuals that will form part of the launch include swords and chess pieces. If you have read Géra's Gift, you will know that chess featured quite strongly when T'ara took part in a Strategy tournament on the planet Abea.

Although the swords play a more prominent role in Keeper of the Dragon Sword, Elizabeth's bodyguards play Strategy while they are guarding her.

If you are in Pretoria, or just in the vicinity, make sure that you keep a close eye on my blog, there are quite a few surprises that I am keeping up my sleeve for now, that will reveal themselves in April, May and June this year.

And one of those surprises ... Marisa van der Merwe, Founder and Owner of MiniChess, and Founder & Trustee of Moves for Life
Why would you encourage anyone to take up chess?
Chess is fun/creative/complex/universal/has endless options… Chess is an age-old game, yet links-up with modern thinking, computers, internet and social media. It exceeds all barriers of age, gender, culture, language, time and even physical disability. Playing a game of chess is like a total escape – almost like taking a journey to some fun exciting place, even if it is just a 5-minute game. You can play chess anywhere, anytime, even on the internet! On top of that: chess is cheap and keeps your mind active.

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