Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Follow Me - I am going places!

The map of South Africa you see here, is actually a postcard designed by a company called Synergy Graphics as part of (c) Paper Trail Memories that you can send to friends and family telling them about your adventures when visiting my beautiful country.

What I wanted to do was to mail - yes, the real slow kind - these postcards to people to take part in a ‘Follow Me’-tour that I will be taking in a few days’ time. Problem was, the time when I needed to mail these (and I bought all the stock the shop had) the South African Post Office went on strike, and it would have been an exercise of ginormously futile proportions. So the e-trail memory card, or is it the trail memory e-card(?), was born.

If you still want a real postcard though, let me know and I will snail mail you one of these beauties with pleasure - I will even write you a letter on it.

Or you can print a map of your own country, state, province or city and mail it to me at the end of this tour.

If paper is no longer your pleasure, don’t despair, just hang around here during the next few days, things are bound to get real interesting!