Friday, 12 April 2013

Follow Me - Knowing what we didn't know

It is our last of day of testing. The first set of tests went very well, and everyone was smiling afterwards. Today we are finishing with the second set of tests and while we knew that we were going to have a problem, we have now learnt what the problem actually is.
Knowing what the problem is, and not what we thought it would be, is a good place to start to make any modifications to correct it.
We will do a modification here to see if we are on the right track in terms of what we need to do, but the final changes can only be made once we are back at work.
To say that the week has been successful - we can definitely reply in the affirmative.
A little later today we will reassemble all the plates we had to remove to allow the high-speed cameras access to the areas we are interested in. A final inspection will be done to declare the Badger safe to travel before we start our journey home tomorrow.