Monday, 8 April 2013

Follow Me - Meeting People on the Road

We had arrived at our destination yesterday, and along the way we had met quite a number of people to whom we showed our vehicle. Children of all ages, one could say, judging by the enthusiasm with which we had been peppered with questions. It is times likes these that those of us who work with the system on a daily basis, can stand back and appreciate our efforts from the perspective of the public. Yes, people like to kick the tyres, and want to know how heavy it is, and want to take a peek inside. Since climbing inside was not allowed, made more difficult with all the measuring equipment that had been installed, it is still interesting to watch everyone's faces when they looked at the inside.
You might want to know if we like our Badger? Yes, we do. We might have some challenges still ahead, but this test is one many of us have been waiting for.