Monday, 24 November 2014

Featured Book: The Meaning of Life According to the Mosquito by Debora Broadhead

Prince George is a young adult mosquito who refuses his crown and the responsibility it holds. A bit of a dreamer, George walks away from his coronation, leaves his pre-arranged marriage, and searches for the true meaning of life. With his two squires by his side, George’s timing couldn’t have been worse. The dragonfly gang is threatening to attack his kingdom, and George is their only hope. When George has toured the world in search of answers, he is finally ready to return home. However, he finds that everything he loves has crumbled. Life bites! Now, Prince George struggles to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Will the prince ever forgive himself, and resume his destiny?

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Reviewed By Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite

“What is the Meaning of Life?” That’s the question to which Prince George wants to find the answer in The Meaning of Life, According to the Mosquito by Debora Broadhead. Prince George, heir to the throne of the Great Swampland, is nervous about his coronation ceremony. He doesn’t feel he’s worthy to rule the mosquito kingdom alongside his father, the King. He’s also not ready for the arranged marriage to Princess Anaya. George refuses the throne, yearning to explore the world to discover the meaning of life. He sets off on his quest with guards, Flick and Smack. While the Prince is touring exciting mosquito cultures, the Dragonfly Gang attacks the kingdom. George returns to find the Great Swamplands in devastation and feels remorse. He ponders his future in the Great Swampland, while comparing it to the ones on his quest.

The Meaning of Life, According to the Mosquito by Debora Broadhead is very entertaining. This is one of the most original stories I have ever read. Although the characters are insects and the setting is mainly swampland, it is so realistic. The author created a story that makes me feel she is describing humans instead of insects. There is never a dull moment as Debora Broadhead writes creatively. The descriptive plot contained a mixture of humour and sadness which the characters displayed naturally. Young adults can relate to George, who wants to find himself before taking on serious responsibilities. This is a book children and adults will enjoy.

About the Author
When I was younger, I loved to write poetry. After winning a contest, I was interviewed by a small weekly newspaper, and as a result was offered a job. The deadlines, and pressure got to me, and I lost my desire to write. I laid down my pen and went another direction in my life. I focused on raising my children and I put my dream on hold.
Twenty years later the desire to write came flooding back. I decided to give it one more try. This time I wrote a fantasy novel. I hit a home run on my first attempt to get it published. It's called : The Meaning of Life According to the Mosquito. 
I couldn't be happier. I love writing, it releases something deep inside of me. It is my passion. I've been married for 30 years and have two lovely adult children. My daughter takes after me and loves to write, maybe one day soon she'll be following in her mother's footsteps. I live in beautiful British Columbia Canada and when I am not writing, or teaching, I enjoy participating in equine events, kayaking, reading, hiking, and just recently, I've taken up sailing.

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