Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Featured Book: Newborn Nazi by Rhoda D'Ettore

"This family is amazing! A Nazi spy. A future SS officer. A brother in America oblivious to everything. And a sister who would kill us all." 

Germany, 1934 -- SS officers entered the house of Hedwig Schultz and ripped her 14 year old brother, Edmund, from her arms. He has been selected for an elite division of the Hitler Youth that will train him for indoctrination into the feared SS.
Horrified, Hedwig enlists the help of her brother in America to thwart Nazi plans regarding the Final Solution of the Jewish people. It becomes a cat and mouse game as the family enters a world of Nazi spies, double agents and the Underground movement. All the while, Hedwig must prevent their brother, Edmund, from becoming suspicious. One report of treason to his Hitler Youth instructors would result in death... or worse.

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The Story Behind Newborn Nazi
Most authors are inspired by real occurrences or people. Newborn Nazi is based on a family legend of a real family who faced life altering circumstance and then vowed to stand by principles of what was right and what was wrong. Remember, the book is fiction. The family was not involved with murder or Nazi spies. They were, however, involved with the Underground movement to assist Jewish families and those of other orientations get out of Germany. What is important is that Hedwig and Edmund lived, and because of them, many others did as well.

THE REAL STORY: Twelve year old Edmund was forcibly removed from the family home and chosen for an elite division of the Hitler Youth. Boys were being groomed to become SS officers upon adulthood. The real Hedwig was so outraged by the actions of the Third Reich that she began housing Jewish families and even American soldiers during the later days of the war. Although her brother was torn between his loyalties for his sister and that of the Third Reich, Edmund used his position to protect his sister. And in essence, he protected the lives of those she helped. In real life, Edmund died on the Russian front in 1941. The Gestapo eventually stormed Hedwig's home in search of “deviants”. An American uniform was found by the soldiers and when questioned, Hedwig replied, “My brother sent them as souvenirs.” The quick thinking woman stood in front of her fireplace mantle where her brother's picture and memorial flag rested. The officer in charge saw the picture then ordered the men to leave. “This is a house of mourning, and you will not be disturbed again.” She spent the rest of the war working with the Underground. Not one time was she ever searched or questioned after that fateful day. Hedwig always believed her brother was still watching over her, protecting her.

About the Author
Rhoda D'Ettore was born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs of southern New Jersey. She comes from a family with five siblings, raised by her widowed mother. She has a degree in Human & Social Servies and minored in History/Politics.  She makes it a point to volunteer and donate to charitable organizations--especially for military families, children  and animals. $1 of every sale will be donated to the National Military Family Association.
As a 15 year veteran with the United States Postal Service, her first work is a compilation of crazy, humorous things postal workers must endure--including alligators, human heads and bombs in the mail.  This story was such a hit she has gone on to publish three paperbacks, three audiobooks and 10 ebooks.  Her writing usually encompasses historical writings set in the Philadelphia area, her own family legends and humorous anecdotes.  Her favorite quote: "I don't plan the stories or they would be predictable. I first think what I can do to mess up the character's life, and then I ask myself how I can shock the reader."

Connect with Rhoda online
Twitter: @rhodadettore