Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Featured Book: Satin Murder by Bonnie Glee

Sallee Anderson is a wealthy, somewhat naive, socialite living in the Seattle area in the late 1950s, who suddenly finds herself a forty-year old widow, the beneficiary of a multi-million dollar shipping company, and the prime suspect in her almost ex-husband Seth Anderson’s murder.  How could she be so neglectful as to misplace the .25 she bought after their separation? How could she not be aware that someone was constantly following her? One thing her gifted discernment did tell her was that her overly caring brother, suddenly by her side, had ulterior motives.
While trying so hard to stay out of the limelight she is suddenly confronted at a dinner party with someone who could reveal her tiny little secret. She couldn’t suddenly faint because that very person would be at her side in a flash, and the social section in the local Seattle Times would have a hey-day.
She relies heavily on two alias, Nell her best friend and Max the shipping business lawyer. Both rush to her side with motives of their own.

The story weaves through trials with her family, friends, even her loyal housekeeper, and her never tiring, recently acquired personal investigator/lawyer, Ryan.

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"Ladies don't just let a gun rattle around in the bottom of their purse." She took the beige bag, unzipped it, and dropped the contents on the bedspread. She gasped, as Officer Riley and Mr. Davis stared in silence. In place of the gun, there lay a mostly flat brownish-black rock.
It's the 1950s in Seattle and socialite Sallee Anderson is at the height of her popularity, but her beauty, intelligence, and savviness won't stop her from being implicated in the cold murder of her husband, who was found dead in his office with a single bullet to the head. What's more, Sallee's pistol is missing. Lawyer Ryan is now hot on the case trying to unravel the mystery, but will he make it in time to save Sallee from jail and disgrace?
Disgrace is not all that threatens Sallee's happiness. With suspicious family and friends surrounding her, Sallee doesn't know who to trust, especially not with this kind of secret.
What is Sallee's secret? 

About the Author
Bonnie Glee is a freelance writer who enjoys membership in the League of Utah Writers, the Utah State Poetry Society with previous leadership positions in both. Her publications include a short story Pigtails in the Cache Valley Magazine; poetry in Utah Sings: Volumes Seven and Eleven and other publications; essays in the Healing Ministry, Not Everybody Can Cry, Wasatch Woman, Life After Motherhood; and human interest articles printed in the Logan Herald Journal, Kirk Peterson: Paradise’s Professional Jockey and The Pied-Piper Marsha Anderson and the Gingerbread Kids. In 2012 she won Honorable Mention for her poem ‘Where is Comfort’ sponsored by Whitmore Library. June 2014 found her short story, Dust of the Evening, printed in the anthology, Romantic Hero’s, by Safkhet Publishing, now out on September 1, 2014 will be the release date of her first novel, Satin Murder by Safkhet Publishing, e-Book on and paperback on CreateSpace. 
Second book, Token Woman due to be released by Mirror Publishing, spring of 2015.
She lives in Cottonwood Heights, Utah with her husband Joe, is the mother of five children and two chosen children, 20 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

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