Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Why I took the self, out of self-publishing: A guest post by Anthony Renfro

Linzé: You might have seen Anthony's book featured earlier in the month on the Broomstick (click here). In the meantime the author decided to approach a small publisher instead of sticking to self-publishing. Here is why...

I gave it a lot of thought, and then just a bit more. I came to the conclusion that two heads are better than one. The book “Ghostly Visitations and Southern Destinations” wasn’t doing all that great on its own. It also wasn’t being marketed all that well by me either, so I decided to hand over the keys to a small publisher. Granted, he won’t just take over and I can go about my day writing with happy ease. No, that won’t happen with this deal. I still have to do the same grunt work as before, still have to figure out how to market myself in a very busy writing field, and I still have to labor to find sales. However, he also has to do the same since he signed me. That means both of us are now trying to find a way to make “The Tale of the Golden Pirate” a best seller on Amazon – that’s the new title to this book in case you were a bit confused. It made more sense in my head for a book that wasn’t doing all that well to put another person on it. Maybe, together, we can get this book out to more people than I could ever dream about. That’s why I took the self out of publisher, and for once let someone else help me out.

About Anthony:
I was born in Bristol, Tennessee, in 1972 and grew up in a little town in the Appalachian Mountains called Abingdon, Virginia. In those small town days I fell in love with many things, among them reading. Reading was a way to escape from a town whose borders always seemed to be too tight. I discovered my love of writing in college, under the influence of various Stephen King novels. The first time I read a novel by him, I knew I would need to write for the rest of my life. 
You can find me at many spots on the web, but if you really need to find my center in the social media storm it would be at my blog, There you will find one other passion of mine, poetry. 
Let me now take your hand on a journey into dark places. I promise that you will be scared, and you may even be terrified, but in the end you might just find you liked the ride.

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