Sunday, 5 June 2016

Linzé's Mischief: 5 June 2016

The past week saw me focusing on getting one thing done: reading a book. Yeah, I love books and it isn't every day that I have to give up other stuff to read. The book, The Know Preservation, is scheduled to launch tomorrow and I am one of the first reviewers of this debut science fiction novel. Nope, not going to tell you any more. Pop around tomorrow after 1 am my time (GMT+2) to find out if it was worth the effort to put my social life on hold for a week.
Francois and I went to Sandton City this morning. Since we don't live in Jo'burg it usually becomes a half-day excursion. Gautrain from Centurion to Sandton, breakfast, shopping, and sometimes even lunch.
Today though we went for a reason: to buy a sword. Yikes! There is a very nice shop in the mall that stock all kinds of knives, swords and other kinds of martial arts weapons. Yeah, they are real. The replica swords don't have sharpened blades, but trust me, it is not a toy.
He settled on a beautiful specimen. It is a replica of someone's weapon from somewhere in history (he still hasn't told me whose) and will make a nice prop for photographs. He bought his first sword in Spain a few years ago and lugged it all the way home through two countries.
When I first saw the oddly shaped box thing he carried through the baggage terminal at OR Tambo International, I thought he bought a rifle. 😳
A Facebook friend posted a link about Bullet Journaling a day or two ago. I have been giving it a try since then and will see how it pans out in June. Makes only sense to try something new for a while before deciding if it is working or not. If you want to see if it is something you would like to try, visit for more info.
I have been trying another handwritten method, but the A3 page is simply too big to have on my desk. It constantly gets in my way, and frankly became more of an irritation than a help; so Bullet Journal = Plan B for June.
I have also started to read (for review) a romance novel by an Indian author. I have read another book of hers before and didn't particularly like it. This one, however, six chapters in, is a different story altogether. I like it but will only give a final verdict in my review coming in the second half of June. My review is part of a blog tour of the book, and one of the last reviews on the tour. From what I can gather so far, the other reviewers really loved the story.
Lately, romance was getting a touch lackluster for me, and I have only looked into reading books that are different. Will this one make the grade? We'll see.
I contacted a publishing company to edit and publish the non-fiction book I have been threatening to finish since the middle of last year. Since I am now committed, maybe it will get done this year.
I also bought another book on writing during our shopping trip this morning. Sure, I have about eight of them, but what the hell - I can always learn something new and hopefully improve my writing skills, right?
On the editing front, I will remain an idiot, and grateful that there are other people out there who are better at it than I am.
So here is to the editors of this world! If not for you, my stories will not be half as good as I think they are. 😝
Okay, I will stop now.

Have a great week, until next time!