Thursday, 11 August 2016


The Billionaire Baritone, blog serial, Linzé Brandon, sweet romance
Amethyst loves music and enjoys hip-hop dancing to spice up her dull and dreary life. But one evening on her way home from dance class, she hears a voice that drew her away from her route.
Caught in the act of eavesdropping, her life is about to change in a way she has never foreseen.

David didn't quite know what to do with the beautiful trespasser, but when he learned that she was injured, taking care of her was the only solution.
Little did he suspect that she was about to take care of his lonely heart in return.


All the way to the factory, the only thing he saw was the smile in Amethyst's eyes. While he called the company lawyer and the factory's manager again, he thought about were those blue eyes.
Upon arrival at the premises, he could see the workers outside. They were being held at bay by the police. This was bad.
When he got out of his car, he was met by the lawyers of both the workers and the company. The labour representative was there, as well as two of the managers of the factory. They all started talking at the same time. He held up his hands.
“Are the people still inside safe?”
The factory manager nodded. “We managed to get the troublemakers outside before they caused more damage.”
David looked at him. “What did they do?”
The production manager sighed. “They set fire to the stockrooms and destroyed the bales of clothing that were ready to ship this week. We got the fires out, but I am afraid we couldn't save any of the stock or the shipments.”
“I see. The security footage?”
“It is being checked right now with the police present.”
The lawyers started speaking again, but he shut them up.
“This is arson and destruction of property. Why are they threatening to strike?”
No one spoke. David arched an eyebrow towards the labour representative. “Well?”
David couldn't help the sneer he aimed at the man. He had never trusted the guy, but since he wasn't on the payroll, there wasn't anything he could do to get rid of him.
He was still glancing from the one to the other man in the group, avoiding David's eyes, when the factory manager spoke up.
“There was an incident on the floor. Two guys got into a fight.”
“And why wasn't it stopped then and there?”
The factory manager shifted from one foot to the other, but he didn't look away. “We were too slow. By the time security made it to the floor, people were already getting involved. We had to call the cops.”
The head of security and three police officers approached. “We have the names and faces of the ones responsible for the damage. Do you want to press charges?”
David looked away from the people with him towards the group of people making threats and shouting all kinds of slogans at the police.
“Yes, but can we wait for a few minutes. What about the two guys who started the fight?”
The head of security spoke up. “It looks like they were used to cause a distraction. The fires were started when most people were getting involved in the fight.”
“We will take them into custody for questioning,” one of the officers said.
David nodded. “Okay. Where is Nicole?”
The financial officer of the company was called. She came out with a police escort.
“Short answer,” David began after greeting her. “How much did we lose?”
The number Nicole mentioned made him clench his jaw. He nodded. It wasn't her fault, so venting his anger at her was not going to solve anything.
He nodded to the police. “Arrest the guys and charge them, but don't leave yet. I want to tell everyone with them present what damage they had done today.”
The cops left.
He looked at the security personnel watching the mob, then addressed their boss.
“Wait until the police have arrested everyone, and then activate the fire alarm to evacuate the building. Keep the women and the men inside separate from these people.”
“What are you going to do?” the factory manager asked.
Nicole replied. “The only thing he can.”

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