Monday, 9 April 2018

Follow Me: Scotland - Portree (2)

Portree - Day 2 (21h30 local time)

Monday. As far as Mondays go, it was probably not a bad way to spend it. After a breakfast of salmon with scrambled eggs and blueberries (we thought it odd too, although the blueberries were a nice 'dessert') we set off north on the east coast of Skye. At a lookout point we had incredible views of the Sound (sea) of Raasay. We spent a long time taking photographs and just gaping at the beauty of nature. Of course, the grazing sheep thought we were nuts, but at least we didn't eat their food!
Our next stop north was the Kilt Rock where the rock formations look like the folds of a kilt (duh!). But the views were just as beautiful. We again spent some time there, doing the picture taking thing like idiots (okay, that would just be me).
After a quick visit back to the guesthouse, we went the castle of Dunvegan, the longest inhabited castle in the British Isles. It has been inhabited by the McLeod family for more than 800 years. Make that 30 generations. No, I didn't count, they have the family tree of the direct descendants in one of the public rooms of the castle. It is still their home, so all tourists were watched with eagle eyes so we didn't take off with one of those life sized paintings.
It is truly an impressive home, I have to say, but grateful that it isn't my responsibility to look after.
We also spent a lot of time in the gardens of the castle, and they alone are worth the money and effort. Although structured and walled, and planted within an inch of every foot, there are wild areas too. Everywhere something to appreciate and photograph, of course.
I spent the afternoon sorting all the info I collected for my travel journal. Cutting up pamphlets and brochures, discarding what I don't want, and sorting everything in the timeline of our visit. It is already becoming a bit of a blur, and I had to use the pictures on my phone to keep everything straight in my mind. Note to self: once back home, get the journal sorted as a first priority (after the laundry) before the memories fade.
Tonight we went to the same place for dinner, that we did last night- The Lower Deck. We gorged ourselves on simple, but excellent seafood, and struggled the uphill back to the guesthouse. Uphill walking after a good dinner doesn't seem like such a good idea, even the second time around.

Tomorrow we will make our way to Ballachulish.
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