Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Follow Me: Scotland - Ballachulish

10 April 2018 @ 21h11 (UK time)

A quiet day since we spent most of it traveling back to the mainland. Since we wanted to avoid using a ferry across the sea, we retraced our steps via the town of Kyle of Lochash.
We went back to Eilean Donan castle too (it was on our way) to see if we could get a few more shots with better light this morning. But good light or not, good shots were not on, thanks to a guy named Jack. We don't know who Jack is, but one of his vans was parked right next to the castle, ruining any photographs from almost any angle. Thanks for nothing, Jack!
We did have a very nice lunch at an honest to goodness tearoom in Onich, just a mile or so away from the hotel Ballachulish, our home tonight. Our dinner at the bistro in the hotel was very good too. I had a Scottish pheasant with the nicest dessert ever. The lemon meringue was presented in a glass (like fancy chefs like to do these days) but it was the blackberry sorbet that made me want to lick the plate afterwards. Yum! Times 2!
I mentioned that I took over a 1000 photographs so far. I asked Francois and he had clocked over 2000 already. Of course, his photograph count excludes the odd selfie he does of me. Okay, technically not a selfie, but you get the idea.

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Tomorrow we will make our way to Balloch.
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