Saturday, 7 April 2018

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7 April 2018 @ 21h58 (local time)

Not a long post today although we did a lot of things.
After the miserable weather yesterday, we went back to castle Dunnottar this morning and it was definitely worth the effort and money. We spent about two and a half hours there, walking around, exploring the past and of course, taking loads of pictures. You can see some of mine on Instagram, posted today.
After leaving the castle, we stopped on a high look out point from some more pictures of Stonehaven town and harbour, before taking the road inland.
And the Highlands greeted us with beautiful country roads (winding and narrow in some places!) until we got to the mountains. And loads of snow still left over from the winter. We stopped in places to take more pictures, and in one place I stuck my hand in the snow and got my picture taken for my trouble. LOL! Fortunately, Francois was too late catching me stepping one foot almost ankle deep in the slush. No damage though. I was also quick enough to escape without getting my shoe wet.
We also stopped at the ski slopes, for a picture or two. I looked at the GPS, we were 2052 feet above sea level. Not bad for a drive just over an hour!
In Tomintoul we were surprised to learn that our hosts at the Argyle Guesthouse, are ex-South Africans. The B&B is in the main street, and within walking distance everything you could possibly need. So if you are visiting the Highlands of Scotland, book a room at the Argyle Guesthouse, and say hi to Diane for me. 
The B&B is also about three doors down from the Whisky Castle, where you find about 500 whiskys available. After  a walk through the town, and the cemeteries (lots of history/stories there) we went shopping. Ha, and you thought we were going to visit the Highlands and not go and taste a single malt? Well, I did the tasting, Francois is not a fan of whisky. I may not drink alcohol, but when it comes to a good whisky, it is hard not to have a taste when the opportunity arises.
We also had an excellent dinner at the Clock Tower, and have since chilled out in our room at the B&B listening to the pitter-patter of the rain drops against our windows.
It had been a long day, but definitely a beautiful one. Thank you, Scotland!
Tomorrow we will be traveling to the Isle of Skye.
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