Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Follow Me: T-zero is approaching...fast!

Scotland, travel journal, Linzé Brandon, 2018
Linzé's travel journal
It is a matter of hours before we leave for the airport for our holiday. Our boarding passes have taken up residence on our mobile phones. I love this new way of doing things; it saves time and a few trees. Although I have to mention that applying for our visas we had to generate a tree-load of paper. Definitely counteracting the attempt to save paper by the airlines, that's for sure.
We are remarkably relaxed, I have to say. Francois had to sort out a problem with our forex (they did the transaction twice!), and I had to sort a few last things in the house. Right now he is sitting in front of the TV watching the cricket match between SA and Australia.
I am writing this post to you. As I write this, my computer is busy making a backup, because computers being what they are, it is always a good idea.
Our bags are 99.9% packed. The last thing I need to pack is my watch's charger. I am delaying that as long as possible, to ensure I leave with a watch that is operational for the next 48 hours.
And I have just been informed that SA won the test match. Well done, guys!

And now I will love and leave you, until Scotland!
💜 Linzé