Sunday, 18 September 2016

Linzé's Mischief: 18 September 2016

Journey, short story anthology, cover teaser, Linzé Brandon
I think I might have mentioned this before - I use a bullet journal as my to-do list these days. On days like today, I love and curse it at the same time! When things go well, I am happy, but it just seems that the list keeps getting longer despite the tasks I manage to complete.

Nah, I still love it - ignore my whining, it's my own lazy procrastinating self that is bitching about it.

Waiting for Adrian is coming along...slowly, but I am getting there. Seven chapters edited, and I am about to tackle chapter 8.

The last story for the JOURNEY anthology is still with the editor, and then I can start compiling the ebook for publication. Watch this space for the cover reveal and news about the launch of the print book.

I interviewed my fellow JOURNEY authors and you can meet the first one this week. She is one smart and interesting lady!

The Billionaire Baritone is also approaching its ending soon. I haven't started on a new story yet, although there might be an idea or two brewing for next year.

There is also a book review on Wednesday for romance lovers.

Stick around there is always more mischief brewing on my Broomstick!

Have a great week!

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