Monday, 3 October 2016

Cover Reveal: JOURNEY by The Pretoria Writers Group

The long wait is over!
Make sure to get yours, before the price goes up!

About the book:
Life's journeys are fraught with pain, difficulties, and despair. And yet it is our search for hope and happiness that inspires us to overcome these obstacles. JOURNEY is a collection of stories that cuts close to the bone of life, love, and courage . . . to remind us that the choices we make can change the future.

Looking for a print book instead? Keep an eye out, it is on its way. You can pre-order your print copy from Linzé (details here).

Journey anthology, Linzé Brandon, Charmain Lines, Michelle Kemp, René van Dalen, Melissa Adendorff, Andrea Vermaak

Here is that link again

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