Monday, 27 March 2017

Live in Balance: Challenges Ahead

Despite all my efforts to not-write (Haha!) in April I will force myself to make up for that. Since I cannot resist a challenge, the next month will see me taking part in two writing based challenges – at the same time!
The A to Z Challenge will kick-off on Saturday with the letter A and in keeping with my theme, I will be using the letter A for Architecture. I can just hear you go, huh? What does that have to do with the Journal to Happiness theme?
Bookmark this page and have a look on Saturday. My posts go live at 1 am (GMT+2) my time.
Speaking of Saturday. I will be giving away 4 books and 4 ebooks to 8 lucky subscribers to my mailing list. Have you signed up yet? If you are worried about spam or constantly being bludgeoned by promotions, don’t be. I don’t promote my books unless there is new one (and it’s not coming as soon as I had hoped) and that only happens (if I am not procrastinating so much) once a year. So, your inbox is safe from me.
Now onto the second challenge I mentioned: Camp NaNoWriMo. The practice event for the main course in November. 

I am very excited to once again be working on a new book project. Although I will be using the blog posts of Journal Writing in the Pursuit of Happiness, the blog challenge will only be the start. After the incredible feedback I got on Negotiating the Maze (my book of the month coming in April), tackling another non-fiction book project seemed like a good idea. Non-fiction requires a different approach, and I found that I like that too. Never too old to learn, I think!
This coming week is going to be super busy for me, but may yours be filled with happiness and success! 😁

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