Friday, 3 April 2020

A-to-Z Challenge: Day 3 - C

Covid-19 Lockdown by Linzé Brandon

This is not a post to tell you what to do or what to avoid. Nope, this is a post to tell you what I have been doing (and plan to do) during this period where we are in #LockdownSA. South Africa went into a nationwide lockdown at midnight on 26 March.
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Even though I work from home most of the time, I do need the equipment of a test facility to do my work. But on the Monday preceding the lockdown, the lab management decided to close down business until the official lockdown period is over. While I still work a few hours every day, I have also started to focus more on my art projects. So far I have done 11 small gouache paintings, four art journal entries (mostly mixed media) and completed at least one #inktober52 ink drawing.
I have done an online sketchbook workshop and am busy reading a non-fiction book. This may sound like a lot but remember I am home 24/7. My husband is also working from home for at least four hours every day and we cannot go out as we would normally do if we get bored. So it is art for me and photography (editing) for him.
For 21 days you might ask? Yes, we have loads to do from a creative perspective and also a few things at home that needs attention. I would say that 21 days will not be enough for this household!
Stay safe and read another post in the #AtoZChallenge!
Until tomorrow,
💜 Linzé

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