Sunday 25 February 2024

BOOK FEATURE: A Memory for Love by Linzé Brandon


book cover, AI image woman in forest, A Memory for Love by Linzé Brandon
A Memory for Love

"Their attraction brought heartbreak. Could their struggle for survival bring them back together?"

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Zarina sa'Der is not just an officer of the law, she is a category one memory witness, trained to work with the most vulnerable victims of violent crimes.

   Her last court case left her with nightmares which requires her to take a break to focus on clearing her special memory banks before she goes insane. As a Treasure of the Magicians' Order, the Grandmaster arranges that she can take her vacation at the High Order retreat for the ideal peace and quiet she needs.

   It has been three suns since Aidan Crea lost his mate and youngest daughter in the Wa'raki war that devastated Xa'an. When his best friend accuses him of becoming a grump, he agrees to take a break before the Grandmaster orders him to. After some soul searching he realised that he needed to get back to living instead of purely existing after the loss he had suffered.

   Zarina and Aidan form an unusual friendship that soon grows into something deeper, until Aidan is tasked to protect her after a contract is given out to assassinate her. Although her job exposes her to the worst criminals of society, things take a turn for the worse, when they finally find out who is behind the attempts on her life.

   They find themselves pawns in a larger plot and they have to risk their hearts and their lives to finally get a chance at a happily ever after.

#adult #fiction #fantasy

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