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Creating Dangerous Characters - reblogged post

The 10 Secrets Of Resilient Characters

'Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.' ~Josephine Hart

The key to surviving in this world – and any fictional world you create – is resilience. It is not the strong who survive, but those who can weather change, because life is nothing but change. You do not need to be braver or bigger or louder. You do need to be able to bend with the wind, get up when you fall, and move forward when it seems impossible. This resilience strengthens you emotionally in either a positive or a negative way, and allows you to continue.

This is why your two most important characters – your protagonist and your antagonist – need to be resilient. Resilience is neither good nor bad, which is why it works for all characters who have goals and the desire to achieve them.

Are your main characters resilient enough for your story?
Resilient characters:
  1. Accept help when they need it
  2. Adapt to change
  3. Learn how to cope with setbacks and disappointments
  4. Focus on finding ways to get around problems, rather than on the problems themselves
  5. Make mistakes and then learn from them 
  6. Learn to accept constructive criticism
  7. Make the most of their strengths
  8. Recognise their weaknesses
  9. Recover from failure and rejection
  10. See the bigger picture in challenging situations
We do not enjoy reading about static characters who are trapped by their thoughts and circumstances. We want them to find that self-belief that forces them out of the prison of their heartaches, tragedies, and even the limitations of their victories.
So dare to create dangerous characters who have more moments of strength than moments of weakness. We love characters who are strong enough to withstand anything we throw at them - these are the characters worth rooting for.

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