Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Book Review: Writing Magic by Gail Carson Levine

I spotted this book, small as it is, on a bookshelf in a secondhand bookstore and took about three seconds before deciding to buy it. It was only once I started reading it, that I realised it is intended for children older than eight who want to learn how and what to write. I kept on reading. Why? Because the book is straight forward. No fancy words, no trying to explain abstract concepts and leaving the reader, or writer, hanging.
Short chapters to explain the essence of dialogue, characterisation, using your senses when writing, showing not telling, etc. Each chapter has at least one example that illustrates the content and at the end there is a section with recommended exercises to practice.
The author touches on aspects such rejection letters, but mostly the book is focused on writing. My favourite lines from the book comes from the chapter about writing for oneself, journal writing if you like.
"It also makes me more of a writer. It makes writing penetrate all the way into the marrow of my bones. It makes writing as natural for me as thinking and talking."

Thank you, Gail for reminding me what my writing means to me.

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