Sunday, 30 August 2015

Reading and Writing...away from Home

Instead of posting in Linzé's Mischief today, I decided to add a post to show you some photographs. Enjoy!

Sunday 30 August 2015 (21h05):
Boesmansberg Guest Farm - our home away from home
Being away from home isn't always easy, especially if it for work. The travel, the long days, the difficulties when things don't go as planned. But sometimes there is a weekend in-between the work days where you can recharge your batteries, like we did this weekend.
Yesterday, a few of my colleagues and I went to a local church fete. It has literally been years since I had been to one of these things, especially in a rural area. Back home our local fetes in a big city, are not the same as I remember from being a child in a small town in rural South Africa.
Prieska, in the Northern Cape province is as rural as you can get. It is the closest town for many of the farmers in the area, and while it has no mall (local joke) it has three of the major supermarket chains represented, the major banks and a co-op or two, everything a farmer needs.

Not the heat they had predicted!
I had a good chuckle when I Googled 'Prieska mall' and actually got four hits! Trust me, there is no mall in this town.
On our way back to the guest farm, we had a good laugh. We cruised the CBD of Prieska, had to search for the venue of the fete, and drove all of 2.6km in the process! Back home the closest shop is 2km from my home, and the closest mall (yeah, a real one) 5km away.I love small towns, but living in a big city sure does have it benefits.
The Orange River flows past Prieska
The closest city is Kimberley, and an almost four hour drive away. Local businesses, such as the guest farms of the area, get their products delivered from Kimberley, since it is more cost effective.

The week ahead sees the second stage of our testing that is planned. While the weather prediction says high temperatures are on the cards, we have been having cold and rainy days. We can still test if it rains, but it's not comfortable working outside, especially when it's cold and windy on top of that.
I finished reading the third book in the Antique Mystery series by Eileen Harris. The review of books the last two books will see the light of day, once I get back home.
Today had been a quiet day, although the wind is howling like mad at present. I spent the day writing, and it was good to get a few hundred words done. I haven't been able to do that the past week, and will probably not have a chance to write again until I am back home. Such can be the life of a writer with a full time job!
On that note, I wish you a successful week.

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