Thursday, 1 September 2016


The Billionaire Baritone, blog serial, Linzé Brandon, sweet romance

Amethyst loves music and enjoys hip-hop dancing to spice up her dull and dreary life. But one evening on her way home from dance class, she hears a voice that drew her away from her route.

Caught in the act of eavesdropping, her life is about to change in a way she has never foreseen.

David didn't quite know what to do with the beautiful trespasser, but when he learned that she was injured, taking care of her was the only solution.

Little did he suspect that she was about to take care of his lonely heart in return.


David entered Amethyst's room with a grim look. Phyllis got up and waved him outside, not wanting to disturb the patient who was resting.
What's wrong? Did things change at the factory? We saw it on the news.”
He shook his head. “Not that I know off. The problem is the press. They followed me here. I was too upset to notice until it was too late.”
His face hardened. “I don't want them to find out about Amethyst.”
Phyllis nodded in understanding. They lived with security to keep the press away, but they would make the young woman's life a nightmare if they found out she knew David and Jeff.
How did you get here?”
Phyllis arched an eyebrow. “Sean dropped me off. Why?”
He nodded in approval. The chauffeur he employed also served as additional security for his mother.
It means that the press doesn't know that you are inside. This place has good security, and the staff is discreet. Can we say that you came for a routine check-up or something to explain why I am here? We own this place so it would make sense for you to come here for even a minor medical reason.”
They don't happen to be here for someone else?”
He shook his head. “Not our lucky day; I checked.”
She bit her fingernail. “What about Amethyst? We cannot just throw her to the wolves. And she cannot go home either. She will still need assistance until her hand is healed.”
He took a deep breath and let it out in frustration. “What do you suggest?”
He narrowed his eyes at the sudden gleam in Phyllis' eyes. “What are you thinking?”
She smiled. “I got this. You just be ready to talk to the press when I come back.”
Okay,” he replied, but he didn't sound convinced even to his own ears.
In Amethyst's room, he waited and watched her sleep. He wondered if she had any idea of the impact she had made on the lives of so many people in such a short time.
The people whose lives he changed today were still in shock, and it would take a day or so before they grasp the reality of the factory closing down. But everyone would be found an opportunity, he gave his word.
He looked at his watch. He promised Jeff that they would be at the concert tonight, but now it looked like it wouldn't happen. Maybe Phyllis could ask a friend to go with her since he had heard his brother perform in several countries, while Phyllis preferred not to travel because of her asthma.
The door opened to let his mother inside.
Everything is arranged.”
What is?”
Even as she explained, David frowned. “It's a good plan, except for one thing.”
What's that?”
We need Amethyst to agree to this. Otherwise, it would be kidnapping.”
Oh. I didn't think of that,” Phyllis replied.
He got up and stretched his arms and shoulders. “I suggest you wake her and get her permission. I am going to the bathroom and then I am going to talk to the press. Ten minutes.”
She made a sound like a snort, but he had left already.
When she turned around, two blue eyes were watching her with suspicion. “You want to kidnap me?”
Feeling foolish, Phyllis quickly explained their plan to sneak out of there to avoid the press.
Amethyst sat up. “But I am nobody, why would the press bother me?”
She closed her eyes for a moment and shook her head. “David and Jeff. You think I am going to sell some kind of story to the press to get my name into the papers? Why would you think that? I may be poor, but I don't do things like that!”
David rushed inside. “What is going on? We need to leave. Everything is ready.”
He looked from his mother to Amethyst. The one looked frustrated, the other about to cry. He decided the tears would be the worst so he went to the bed and took her hand in both of his. “Please do this for me. I have had a terrible day, and only want to make sure you don't have to worry about the wolves out there.”
She looked at their hands. “Are they that bad?” she whispered.
It made his heart ache to hold her and soothe her fears. Instead, he smiled. “Vultures. The lot of them.”
She smiled too. “Okay then.”
Their smiles faltered, but neither looked away.
Were her eyes so warm and open for him? He couldn't remember anyone looking at him like that. Women he knew before all had some hard edge to them. Maybe Jeff was right. Maybe he should look somewhere else for his happiness.
His hand automatically lifted to cup her cheek. Such soft skin. His thumb gently traced the curves of her bones and hovered at the edge of those kissable lips. She licked her lips and the heat level in his blood shot up to an inferno.
Is he going to kiss me? He read the question in her eyes.
Can I kiss her? He thought in return.
Are we ready to go?” a cheerful voice interrupted, and he stepped away with regret.
Amethyst's shy smile told him she felt the loss as much as he did.

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