Thursday, 13 October 2016


Amethyst loves music and enjoys hip-hop dancing to spice up her dull and dreary life. But one evening on her way home from dance class, she hears a voice that drew her away from her route.
Caught in the act of eavesdropping, her life is about to change in a way she has never foreseen.

David didn't quite know what to do with the beautiful trespasser, but when he learned that she was injured, taking care of her was the only solution.

Little did he suspect that she was about to take care of his lonely heart in return.


I counted on my fingers. “I am not smart, or beautiful like your other girlfriends. Hell, I fall over my own feet for no reason. I swear. I am penniless. I didn't finish high you want more?”
Then David sat down next to me and muddled my reasoning again when he kissed my hand before holding it between his. “You're beautiful, more so than those empty headed women, I used to hang out with. And no one blames you for your circumstances; you did the best you could. You can finish high school and study anything you want, which I know you can do. If you insist, you can work. And," he mock-glared at me when I opened my mouth, "I think it's cute when you say 'hell'.”
I groaned his name. “Aren't you listening?! I don't fit in your world. People will say I am a gold digger and laugh at you behind your back. Maybe I am a gold digger out to catch a rich husband.”
The next moment I find myself on his lap. "What are you doing?"
He chose to ignore me. “I am listening much better than you think. I know you are not a gold digger. You are too independent for me to believe that for one moment, your financial status notwithstanding. Secondly, your concern for your colleagues and the people at my factory told me more about the kind of woman you are than any private investigator could.”
My heart sank. “I suppose I cannot blame you for getting a PI to investigate me. I would have done the same to protect my family against someone like me.”
I wanted to leave, but he held on tight. “Someone like you? Explain.”
I shrugged. “You know. Poor. Unsophisticated. Born on the wrong side of the tracks.”
It was his turn to frown, and yet he didn't let go of me. Didn't he hear anything I said?
“You like my mother don't you?”
I nodded. “Sure, I think she's great. What does she have to do with anything?”
“A lot more than you think. She came from nothing too. She married my dad for love, and they made the rest work. Did people gossip and say all kinds of terrible things? Yes, they did, but they didn't let that stop them from being together. In fact, they chose to befriend people who didn't care about those things either and were the better for it.”
I sighed. What was there left to say? He had answers for everything it seemed.
“You're sure you don't mind?”
He lifted his hand, palm towards me. “I solemnly promise that I love you and that I don't care about all the other things. We can make it work if you want. Do you want to marry me?”
I swallowed hard. Could this be happening? I put my trembling hand against his. “I solemnly promise that I love you and that I will marry you and will try my best to be a good wife.”
His laughter made me smile until he pulled me tightly against him. I forgot everything when he kissed me.
David pulled back and sighed aloud. “Can't we get a little privacy in this house?”
It was my turn to laugh. Who cared about the intrusion when I held the heart of the man whom I loved with the whole of mine? I lost my breath when he kissed me again.

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