Thursday, 13 April 2017

Live in Balance: A to Z Challenge - K is for...

K is for...Knobs, knuckles, and knitting
Linzé Brandon, coloured pens
Journal writing doesn't always have to be about a serious or painful topic, it can also be about something that makes you happy.
What makes you happy?
In my research for this blog series, I came across many topics, but one that definitely made me smile is all the crafts and hobbies that people indulge in. Indulgence it is, isn't it? Hours of playing with paper, or clay, or wood, or fabrics. They say that giving is supposed to make you happier than receiving. Well, I am not always so sure about that, with one exception: giving something you made yourself for someone specific.
I love that. The making of the gift, the wrapping and then the joy on the person's face when they get something for them alone. Something unique, made by someone who cares enough to understand their personality or desires. A friend, or family member, or even a colleague.
I have noticed that people cherished those gifts more than anything else. I am sure you have received such a gift and no matter how long ago that was, you can still recall the occasion and the person who gave it you with significant detail.
Isn't that a happy memory?
Linzé Brandon, cross-stitch, craft, #atozchallenge
Cross-stitch project by Linzé
Indulge today in the pleasure you receive from the hours you spend with your hobby. Even if it's not the kind of hobby that lends itself to gift giving, you still derive a great amount of happiness from it.
Spend a few minutes with your journal to note your hobby (or pastime) and how you feel while doing what you love. Do you want to spend more time doing it? Where can you pinch a few minutes every day, or an extra hour every week to indulge in creating a few hours of happiness for yourself?
Our topic is about happiness after all. Writing about it will also help you understand the pleasure you derive from a hobby, but also the happiness you feel when a project is complete.
Enjoy your hobby, you might be surprised to learn that it is also good for you!
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