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Live in Balance: On leave, on veggies, and ongoing stuff

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My leave finally got underway before Easter weekend and I have been merrily typing away at both blog posts for the Challenge and a new story I. It is going so well, that I will achieve my word count target for Camp NaNoWriMo at the middle of the month.

Hydroponics Project

Like many of you I love fresh vegetables. I have a vegetable garden, or rather had one, but have not been planting anything for a few years purely because of the time needed to look after a garden like that.
So to ease some of the burden of weeding (and the strain on my back) I have been researching the practicalities of setting up a hydroponics system for growing our own veggies again. I have now reached the point where I am busy buying the pipes and fittings, the planting pots and the water reservoir to get things going.
I have drafted Francois to help with the stands that support the system since my welding skills are way too rusty to attempt to do it myself. We went out shopping this weekend so I can order what I need and have it delivered while I am at home this coming week.
The only thing that I need to research some more is the pump I need. I have a submersible pump, but I think it is too small for the size of my project. While out shopping I saw quite a number of pumps, but I need to know what size I need before I let myself be talked into buying the wrong thing.

My Goals for 2017 are ongoing

A colleague of mine mentioned that she too was going on a diet. After about a week she had lost weight and mentioned that it wasn't easy. I agreed with her because I am on that same journey.
You will of course, understand my trepidation about getting on the scale yesterday morning, if I tell you that I went on a chocolate binge this past Thursday. Putting it off wasn't going to change the outcome, so eventually I got on and nearly fell off - nothing. I gained nothing. This could only mean that I lost some weight during the week, but clearly regained it on Thursday. Really stupid of me, I know. I could have had a chocolate, and still lost some weight if it hadn't been for the bingeing idiocy.
What did bother me more was the stress I put on my pancreas as a result of all that sugar. As someone that has to look after her blood sugar levels, I acted incredibly irresponsibly. While I hope the damage wasn't bad, I am suffering the aftereffects of all that sugar - my sleeping patterns have changed. It will take a few days and a good healthy diet, to get back to normal. And normal is what I need to work on the creative projects I want to do while on leave from work.
Balance is the key, not depriving myself of a sweet. I am losing weight, I shouldn't compromise my health by being stupid.

Reading and moving

About two weeks ago I volunteered to be an advanced reader for a book being released on Tuesday this coming week. I read the book and wrote my review and now it is back to my research books for the blog challenge.
In recent times I often find myself unable to sit still. Sure my back complains if I remain in one position for too long, but this is something else. Then it hit me: Tai Chi. I have been lax in my daily practice, so that too is priority for the week ahead. I love learning the 40 forms, but will have to go back a lesson or so, so refresh my memory before carrying on with the next lesson.
Lots of things to do, but looking forward to the days of relaxing with my art and writing projects.
Until next week!

The A-to-Z Challenge letters for the coming week are as follows:
Monday: Letter N…for Nutrition
Tuesday: Letter O…for Open (prompt)
Wednesday: Letter P…for Physical
Thursday: Letter Q…for Quote (prompt)
Friday: Letter R…for Ramble
Saturday: Letter S…for Share
If you missed any of the previous letters, here is a quick recap (just click the letter!)
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