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Live in Balance: A to Z Challenge - D is for...

D is for...Dare to Dream

When we are children we dream of becoming a pilot, or an astronaut or maybe even a celebrity. But what do we dream about as adults? To have more money? Fame? A peaceful existence?
quote, Anthony Doerr
In her book, The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron implores the reader to rediscover their creative selves. The dreams you had when you were young but were either too fearful to chase or were convinced that such a life was not the responsible thing to do.
There are many reasons why people suppress or ignore their creative sides. Time is one reason that many cites. But what if you made a commitment to explore that side of you again? You make commitments to many things: your work, your family, friends, other responsibilities...but do you make any commitments to yourself? Can you honestly say that by giving so much of yourself to others, and nothing to yourself, can truly lead to a path of happiness?

Here is my dare to you today:

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Find an hour somewhere in this week, and book it in your calendar. Go to your room, a quiet spot in the garden, or secluded spot in the park - somewhere quiet where you can be by yourself. Leave your mobile phone and computer - or switch them off. Use pen and paper and spend a minimum of 20 minutes to consider the following:
1. What in my life makes me truly happy?
2. What do I miss doing?
3. How can I bring more creativity back into my life, even if only to please myself?
While writing your thoughts might drift to things you liked as a child, or a young adult. Explore the way that doing those things made you feel. Not every exploration has to be dramatic. It could be as simple as taking up reading again. Or going fly fishing with a close friend.

Make a commitment to yourself

If there is more than one activity, or you cannot decide which one, make a list and explore each one. The journey to find your activity in itself might lead you to where you need to go.
The number of activities is not important, nor is the amount of time that you spend doing it. The important part is that you need to be happy actually doing it.
On a personal note: I found my 'activity' when I realised that I could spend hours and hours doing something and not feel the time pass. It was the same for both my writing and drawing. At first, I painted too. Although I liked it, it was only once I did a very basic pencil drawing not intended as an outline for a painting, that I truly found my creative happiness. I also love reading.
So my list has three activities where I can lose myself with happiness. It is often difficult to decide where to spend my time, but I am working on that too. (part of my Live in Balance goals for 2017)

Be kind to yourself

Remember this is a journey, not a race. If it takes you days, weeks, or months to find that one thing where you can lose yourself for hours, don't worry about it. Note your journey and how each new activity makes you feel and grow.
Also, read Julia Cameron's book. There is a good reason why so many books about journal writing use hers as a reference.
I dare you!

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