Sunday, 1 April 2018

It is a matter a days before we leave home for a well-deserved vacation in the land of kilts and whiskey, and to be frank I can barely sleep with the anticipation blasting through my veins. I weighed my suitcase this morning. With wide eyes I eyeballed the scale, 13 kg. I was like, seriously? The thing is stuffed to the gills with warm clothes and the necessaries, and it weighs only 13 kg?
Well, that leaves me with another 10 kg available for shopping. LOL! If only the space will magically appear where I can put said shopping.
We will take a car trip around Scotland, and you can share in our experiences as we explore one of the loveliest countries (in my opinion, of course) in the world.
I will not take a computer with me so my trusty little iPad will be bringer of the news of our trip. Since I am not that skilled in adding pictures to these posts on a mobile device, you can check out the graphic evidence of what we are up to on Instagram.
journal pages, Scotland travel journal, Linzé Brandon
My travel journal's first pages
Since it is fairly obvious what Francois will be doing on our trip (he is the photographer in this family), I decided to make a travel journal to record our trip with art, photographs, and words. It is after all the number one destination on my bucket list, and I truly want to make the most of our short time visiting.
Follow us around Scotland as we travel by car. You might even enjoy the shenanigans of two South Africans traipsing through a foreign country on their first holiday abroad.
Until Scotland!