Monday, 13 July 2015

Book Feature: HURRICANE COLTRANE by Taya Okerlund

Merrill Hinton is a lightning rod in a town named for bad weather. He's an ace in math, but not smart enough to put together the pieces of his puzzling life, especially where finding his unknown father is concerned.
Musical genius Robbie Stubbs was born in nearby polygamist compound Colorado City. He has the chops to become another John Coltrane, but that will take running away from home, and into a firestorm of controversy--the kind his friend Merrill knows best.
Merrill sets Robbie onto a course that could rocket them both onto center stage, but being the focus of wide public attention will create serious issues. Robbie's mother is not well, and the shock of her son breaking the family rules like this may put her over the edge.
And Merrill Hinton? His precarious future will be compromised in ways he doesn't yet realize.

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About the Author
As a child I lived in every time zone of the lower fourty-eight states and Alaska, and I studied in East Asia, but my roots reach deep into the southern Utah desert where most of my family still live. Right now, I've set up house keeping on the San Francisco Peninsula where I live with my story-adoring husband and daughter who keep me creatively inspired.

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