Thursday, 2 July 2015

Book Feature: Seed of Hope by Fiona Tarr

As rumours surface about the new King, his young wife and her unborn child, the prophet Nathaniel will insist that King David seek the Ark of the Covenant of God. Yet, with a trail of tortured bodies appearing from nowhere, with no explanation, it will be clear that General Martinez must be called back from retirement.
As General Martinez leaves his quiet and comfortable days in the field behind him, he will realise that a return to the service of the King must once more take priority over the pursuit of love.
The Egyptian Princess Jezebel will push the pain of betrayal from her mind, instead, replacing it with rage and a longing for revenge. Her magic and powers of seduction may not have been enough to bring the Israeli Kingdom to its knees, but now, the General, the King, and the Priestess will all pay for the death of her father and her banishment from the Royal Palace of the Pharaoh.
As the King seeks the Ark, a new mystery will arise. A new born child will be prophesied; a child of great influence and power. Many men of God will make claim to know the origin of the child, but only the little Holy man will truly know and understand. Old enemies will conspire, as the Universe will reunite old friends to save the life of a loved one, to seek the Ark and to fight to restore balance once more.

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The Story Behind Seed of Hope
When I started writing, I didn’t really plan past my first book, Destiny of Kings. That book took six years to complete, but I was so inspired and I enjoyed the process so much I started on Seed of Hope shortly after I published book one.
I love the idea of a series of books, but as a busy person, I also understand it is good to be able read individual editions without waiting for sequels to come out. Seed of Hope begins a few years after Destiny of King. Although general Martinez is still a main character and a lot of the story is told from his point of view, this story dives much deeper into the character of Jezebel and readers will hear her most inner thoughts. Her story is dark and she can only remember little pieces of it; which she recalls throughout the book.
Like book one, Seed of Hope finds the grey areas which so often lie between good and evil. The story is driven by its characters as much as by the plot. Many of the characters have untold stories still to come in book three and four. This story is more complex than the first, but I think readers will still follow it easily.
People might wonder why I have chosen to use the world of Old Testament Israel for a base. To best honest, I didn’t realise why myself when I began. Whether you believe the Bible stories or not doesn’t really matter. The recount of historical Israel is full of interesting characters, complex historical moments and so much untold intrigue. It is this untold story I get lost in when I write. I hope you do too.

About the Author:
I am a wife, mum of two boys aged 15 & 23 and a full-time small business owner. As a prolific blogger, I host a number of blogs including a small business blog, family business blog and my author’s blog. When I am not writing, I enjoy kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding. I live in sunny Noosa, Queensland Australia and love the surf, sun and spending time with family and friends.  

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